What are the benefits of staying in service apartment?

Delhi has become a famous spot for business conferences, seminars and for this reason it attracts a lot number of tourists every now and then. Each year number of national and international visitors visits the metropolitan cities for various purposes.


There may be various reasons for visiting a different nation, such as- Business conferences or seminars, Motivational Talk, Trade fairs, Business deals, any corporate ceremony and many more. Some conferences last for a day, and some for weeks. So for the long business stays, one needs to find suitable, comfortable and affordable accommodation.

When it comes to searching for an accommodation for a short term or long term stay, one have a wide range of options to choose from. The most preferred options include the hotels and the Service Apartments. Both of these accommodation providers are unique in their own way in the provision of high quality professional services with all the ultra modern facilities. One may be accustomed to the comforts offered by the 5 star hotels, which provide you with all the facilities you dreamt of, but just imagine being given the choice to enjoy the same set of luxuries or even more by Service Apartments in Hauz Khas, Delhi. Corporate travellers, with their busy schedules demand convenience and home-style living that only a service apartment can offer.

The rise in demand of Service Apartment in Delhi is expected to rise with the growth in the Indian economy. Further advancement in the service sectors, such as growth in primary and secondary sectors demand more of employment, which alternatively demand stay for the peoples or the business travellers.

Some of the basic amenities offered by these apartments are-

  • TV with link association
  • Air-conditioners and room heaters, as per the season and weather
  • Internet facility
  • 24-hour power backup and water supply
  • Laundry services
  • Doctor on call
  • Housekeeping
  • Children’s park

The priority of the service apartments is the people staying there. The friendly staff is always ready to help, whether in person, or over the telephone. Service Apartments in Hauz Khas are at a walk away distance to the restaurants, shopping malls, grocery market, health club, children’s park, garden, and metro station.

As many service apartments offers online booking, so these apartments can be availed with just a click of the mouse. One simply needs to visit the website, choose their location or the preferred area, read the guidelines and book their apartments.

Summing it up, Service Apartments in Hauz Khas provides a perfect combination of affordability, practicality and economy, all rolled into one to give a pleasurable experience to the travellers coming to visit the capital for leisure, medical, corporate and business purposes.


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