Service Apartments: The Perfect Accommodation For Travellers

Service Apartments are a hot topic and are turning into a standard example of outstation convenience among the travellers. Whether you are travelling alone, in a group, or with your family, procuring the suitable accommodation is what every traveller looks for. Service Apartments in Delhi offers you amazing benefits, comfort, protection, safety, security and a home like experience.


There are ample of reasons why these are in great demand. Have a look at some of the reasons-

  • Home-like stay at minimal cost:

    This is without any doubt one of the best reasons that why individuals prefer staying in such apartments. Service apartments in Green Park, Delhi is less expensive as compared to hotels. Whether the stay is for short-term or long-term, staying in an apartment is one of the best decisions made by travellers.

  • Ample of space:

    Apartments are spacious enough with separate living and dining areas, plus they are designed in a manner to accommodate good amount of people.

  • Home cooked food:

    Apartments are comprised of fully-equipped kitchen with all the necessary appliances such as microwave, gas stove, refrigerator, toaster, kettle, sandwich maker, and water purifier. Benefit of such facility is that travellers or families staying over can cook the meal of their choice. How amazing it is, staying away from home, still enjoying the healthy home cooked food.

  • Perfect for families:

    Service Apartments in Green Park, being spacious are suitable accommodation for the families and group stays. With the facilities as of home, the family can work according to their routine as, cooking, eating, watching TV, etc. The family can have a quality time together as they are provided with all the basic facilities plus safety. One also need not worry about the cleanliness, as the housekeeping team will do it for you. Moreover, the travellers can bring their pets too, and experience a quality time.

  • Some other facilities:

    Staying in the apartments is similar to living in your own home. Some of the facilities provided are- TV, couches, adequate furniture, Air Conditioner, refrigerator, room heaters, Internet, 24-hour reception, power backup, laundry services, doctor on call, 24-hour security, pick and drop service.

Service Apartments in Delhi makes a good choice for a comfortable and home like stay.


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