Points To Be Checked for the Growth of Service Apartments

When you are out in a new town where would you prefer to stay? Hotels are the first thing that clicks our mind. But with the industry advancement and growth in the hospitality sector, various accommodation options are emerging out. Be it hotels, hostels, guest house, or service apartments, these accommodation areas serve best services.


Service Apartments in Delhi is becoming the ideal accommodation among the travellers. These apartments are a mixture of home and hotel. It functions as a hotel and provides a homely-feel. Various National and International visitors stay in these apartments.

Have a look at the points below behind the growing need of service apartment-

  • Space and Convenience- On average, an apartment is 30% more spacious as compared to the hotel. Apartments have separate living and dining areas. This open space is a benefit if the number of people is many. Apartments also keep a check for your convenience and needs. On an estimate, one bedroom service apartment is twice the size of a hotel room.
  • Fully equipped kitchen- An apartment will provide basic appliances such as cooker, microwave, refrigerator, water purifier, sufficient utensils, and crockery. With access to all such facilities, you can cook whenever and whatever you want. For diet conscious people this facility is a blessing as they would be on diet and prefer eating meals according to their requirements.
  • Security and Privacy- Apartments are safe and secure. 24-hour security and power backup system are all that you need. Service apartment in Friends Colony, Delhi gives you the privacy to cook, work, relax and sleep and provides you more personal space.
  • Transportation- When you are out in a new town, the thing that bother most is the transportation. The number of apartments provides the cab facility, so it becomes easy for you to travel across the town. Moreover, the apartments are also in close access to the public transport and metro stations.
  • Location- This is one of the major aspect one needs to cross-check before finalising any apartment. Basically, service apartments in Delhi are situated in all the major sightseeing areas, plus they also have close access to the business areas.

These were some of the benefits of staying in the service apartment. Apartments make the best choice for families and group stays, and the best part is you can book them for both short-term and long-term stays.

Apart from the above-mentioned facilities, you also need to check certain things before moving in. It’s better if you jot down your preference and hunt accordingly for the service apartments in Friends Colony.


7 Key Areas To Consider When Out In A New City

With an increase in the global workforce the need to travel arises. Travelling can be in the form of a recreation activity or for the business purpose. Out in a new place? Where to stay? How to look over the essentials? What about the safety and security? You might be surrounded by these many questions. Not to worry, service apartments are the complete package of all these questions.


Service Apartments provides the facilities and comfort of a home and functions as that of a hotel. But are they safe? What are the facilities? For sure you don’t want to spoil your travelling period. Here’s a guide to check certain things when looking for service apartments.

  • Surroundings: The environment and locality plays a major role. Know the location and the nearby surrounding of the apartments. Do the apartments have close access to the market? Is the locality a calm place or a noisy one? The apartments for rent in Saket, New Delhi have close access to the nearby shops and are located in a well surrounding.
  • Living Area: Apartments are spacious with proper ventilation. You won’t opt for a place which is full of congestion and have lack of privacy. But there is no sign of worry as apartments are spacious enough that helps you enjoy your own space.
  • Water Supply: Water scarcity is the major issue in the metropolitan cities. So keep a check whether the apartment provides enough water supplies or not. If there is a set time for water supply so what would be the timings? In case of apartments, water supply shouldn’t be an issue, as they have 24-hour enough water supply.
  • Parking: There may be chances that the people staying would travel by the public transports so they need not worry about the parking space. But what about the one’s having their own vehicle? Generally, people prefer travelling on their own vehicle. In such cases, having a perfect parking area is a must. So before booking an apartment know about the parking space also.
  • Kitchen: Apartments have fully equipped kitchen with all the basic appliances such as microwave, dishwasher, gas stove, refrigerator, cooker, utensils, and crockery. With such wonderful facilities, you can cook on whenever and whatever you wish.
  • Bedrooms: These Saket apartments deal in 2Bhk, 3Bhk, and 4Bhk apartments. And for your convenience, each bedroom has attached bathrooms equipped with the essential toiletries. The rooms are also equipped with AC and room-heaters as per the weather requirements.
  • Power Backup: An important amenity especially when you reside in a whole new town. Some localities are likely to have power cuts on a frequent basis, so make sure that the apartment you will be choosing should have 24-hour power backup facility. Check out on the enough inside and outside lighting. You would look for the place where you feel safe and comfortable.

So before going out in a new city explore well your accommodation, in order to enjoy your stay.

Where to Stay While Travelling?

There were the times when hotels were the only option to rely on while on holiday or travelling. One or the other persons acknowledged staying there without giving a check on the further options available. While you are on a budget, it might be complex for you to stay in a pocket-friendly budget hotel as there is very less flexibility. Not to worry guys, these days there are a lot of accommodation options available. And there also comes a time, where it is a tricky business to choose the best among all.


The accommodation should be booked according to your budget and different category of people demand the preferable type of accommodation. Here are some of the best accommodation options available while you are on a travel period.

Hostels:- Yes, hostels also make the perfect spot to relax down. These are best for the solo travellers and persons running on a budget. Hostels are evolving and quickly becoming a great option for the budget travellers. Hostels usually have private rooms or the spacious dorm rooms, and the benefit is that you get to interact with new peoples and make wonderful memories. They also have fully-equipped kitchen so you can save your money on meals.

Service Apartments:Service Apartments are generally a new concept but evolving swiftly. These are best for the long-term travellers, families, groups or business travellers. Service Apartments are a mere reflection of homes. And isn’t it great to have abundant space and the facility of fully equipped kitchen? When you are out for a long period of time, then it is good to stay in a place where you feel like home. Service Apartments in Delhi is the best option when you’re travelling with kids, as you can cook for them. Moreover, you got enough place to sit and have some family time together. Make a note, when you are travelling with a group of people service apartments make the really affordable option.

Guest Houses:– Guest houses are also getting quite common these days. These are usually small and budget friendly and are best for budget travellers and persons looking for unique experiences. Tip- You can also bargain a bit with the owners over the price, and get some discount or can include your meals in the charges. (Tip not to be shared!) Who won’t be happy to get discounts? Use your fancy mind whenever necessary! and grab the offer.

These are some of the best accommodation options apart from hotels. So, whenever out for travelling, don’t always stick to hotels. Experience the new and enjoy your trip. On the other hand, staying in these budget-friendly places you get to save your money for the upcoming next trip. And why wouldn’t you save when you get a chance to? Be active and smart enough to choose the best accommodation while on a travel period. Apparently, service apartments in Delhi are one of the best options to be hooked on when out with a family or group, as you get to enjoy the homely feel and more personal space.

Why is it best to Stay in a Service Apartment?

One of the ultimate things about booking for an accommodation is that there may be constantly something new that suits your taste and preferences. With the ranges of accommodation people select as per their choice. Some people may demand the luxurious stays, some the nominal ones, and some adjust in the cheap accommodation also. So before booking, do a thorough research on the available options and choose well. If planning to visit Delhi than Service Apartments in Delhi provides you homely feel and a comfy stay.


Service Apartments offers number of benefits. Whether you are booking them for yourself, your employees or your clients, service apartments turns out to be the best option.

Some of the benefits offered by service apartments are-

When it comes to comfort, safety and privacy, service apartments never fail to impress their clients. You can work, play and relax within the prescribed area. An apartment designed like a home offers your own space and privacy.  Moreover, these apartments in Chanakyapuri are located in the area where there is least intervention of the noise. Being in a calm situation often adds to your trip, and you enjoy a sense of freedom and privacy staying in the service apartment.

Service Apartments provide the guests with the flexibility to live the way they want to. With the fully equipped kitchen, you can cook on your own, or just simply visit a restaurant to have your lunch or dinner. You are free to do whatever you wished for.

Space for all:-
Service apartments come in all shapes and sizes. For families, one, two, and three bedroom apartments state that you can have your more personal space. The separate dining area and living area helps you to have a good family time and you can chill together. As compared to hotels, service apartments are typically bigger and can easily accommodate a good number of people.

More space and storage:-
There may be chances when people may demand a longer stay for the number of months, so it is obvious that things would accumulate naturally over time, and having a bigger space helps you to store your items properly without creating any mess.

Cook on your own:-
Apartments are furnished with fully equipped kitchen consisting of all the necessary appliances such as refrigerators, water purifier, gas stove, microwave, sufficient crockery, and utensils. Loaded with all the necessary equipment you get the chance to cook on your own, whatever and whenever you wish.

Out in a different town? Not aware of the routes? So it is pretty much sure that you would be depending on public transports for your travel around the city. Service Apartments in Chanakyapuri is situated in the famously known areas and is at a walkway distance to the metro stations and any other public transport.

Apartments are ideal because of the facilities they offer as security, safety, comfort, privacy, cooking, cab service, 24-hour power backup and enough lighting, fully furnished, etc. Apartments offer both short term and long term stays. And with your own space and comfort, one could have mental calmness and peace.

Why is Travelling good for Health and Mental Peace?

Scrolling through the Facebook news feed to the Instagram posts to stories on Snapchat, every social site is almost flooded with travel stories of your connections. These stories make your heart sinks or you feel over the moon. Isn’t it? Don’t you also feel like packing your bag up, travelling and exploring new places? Sometimes relaxing and escaping the daily routines helps to free our mind and make us feel on cloud nine.


Alternatively, travelling got various benefits and reduces your stress also. You get to make new friends, new experiences, new stories and a bulk of memories. Studies have also proved that travelling can improve your overall health. It’s time to take a break from the daily schedules, office responsibilities, and everyday working zombie. While you travel you might also look for a place to stay, Service Apartments in Greater Kailash, Delhi turns out to be the perfect accommodation.

Here are some of the benefits of travelling. Have a look-

  • It helps improve your social and communication skills. This falls on your list when you travel to a place where your native language is not widely used. Here, you learn how to communicate with people with different mother tongue.
  • Travelling ensures peace of mind and makes us stress-free. When we travel we suppose to take a break from our daily routines and enjoy every bit and happenings around us. You may believe it or not, but travelling motivates you directly or indirectly.
  • Travelling presents you with unforgettable memories and experiences. It might be in the form of your travel journey. Make it happening, and get something interesting to tell on. You come across beautiful places and scenes, and collect lots of pictures and experience something you have never tasted of before.
  • Travelling befriend you with the world. There’s a famous saying by Henry David Thoreau, “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” Travelling can teach you a lot, and you also get a chance to explore new places, learn about the culture, habits, tradition and history of different places.
  • Apart from fun and memories, travelling keeps our metabolism at its best and stimulates our mind and body. On the other hand, travelling is termed as the inexpensive stress buster.
  • Travelling helps you understand yourself better. It is a voyage of the lifetime, as you experience new things, places you get to understand your strength and weaknesses.
  • Travelling recharges your mind, body and soul. It is a capsule of relaxation that rejuvenates your mind and soul.

Travelling got various benefits and it differs from people to people. As we never know what wonder can travel does to a person? Travelling on a budget would be preferable and help you save your money. Travellers on a budget book for apartments for rent in Greater Kailash, Delhi for their stay, as they still get connected to a homely environment plus enjoy their trip.

“Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Choose the Best Accommodation When Out On a Trip with Family

Holidays are just around the corner. There is no time that the students will be done with their exams and would wait to go on a recreational outing with their families. Apparently, this is the only time and who won’t love to enjoy their holidays? Some families prefer to celebrate the festivals and holidays in their home only. But taking a break from the daily schedules and going on a trip also works well.


When you travel out to another city or place, the accommodation becomes a major concern. On the other hand, when you are having small kids it becomes important to hunt for the accommodation that provides a homely environment. Isn’t it?

Replicate your Home Environment by Choosing for Service Apartments in Hauz Khas, Delhi.

You ought to make sure that the little ones should fit in the environment you would be staying for a couple of days or a week. Also, make sure that you won’t carry too much luggage and unnecessary stuff. Be crisp with the packing and if you are having small kids, then be sure that you carry all the necessities they would be requiring. For families, one of the best reasons to book for Service Apartments in Delhi is that the travellers not need to carry excess luggage apart from their clothing, as the apartments are fully equipped with all the required essentials.

Some of the advantages of staying in the service apartment are-


Once you are settled down in any of the service apartments, you are guaranteed that all your household chores will be taken care of. From your bedding to change of the wet towels, all are taken care by the housekeeping team. Staying in an apartment also provides you with the laundry facility. When all the chores are being done you get the time to enjoy your travel time without any stress.

Family Closeness-

Service Apartments in Hauz Khas is spacious enough ranging from 2Bhk to 4Bhk. Having a good number of bedrooms can serve the family well. Apartments equipped with the number of facilities and being spacious goes no hindrance in the stay. And due to this, the bond of togetherness gets strong within your family. Enjoying and having a quality time with your family with no worries ultimately removes your stress.

Abundant Space-

One of the ultimate things about booking for an accommodation is that there may be constantly something new that suits your taste and preferences.  Apartments with huge living space are a plus point to your trip. From the hefty living rooms to the kitchen, an apartment sounds the best when you plan to stay indoors. There may be times when you don’t want to explore the town and just sit down and have a quality time with your family or guests then this spacious Service Apartments in Delhi are much appealing. Apart from these, having access to number of facilities and bedrooms you also get to have your own privacy and comfort.

Concluding, the choice of accommodation plays a major role in your trip as it directly or indirectly affects your stay. So choose wisely and enjoy your trip.

4 Major Factors to Choose for Service Apartments

Travelling alone? Then staying in a hotel room is a pretty good option. But when you are in a group, with family, friends or colleagues, the hotel might not be your priority. Here, service apartments come to the rescue. A group of people would expect better facilities and more space. So service apartments in Delhi become the alternative accommodation.


No wonders, service apartments are becoming more popular among tourist, business travellers as well as medical tourists. The apartment industry has gained popularity around all corners of the world. The benefits that service apartment’s offers are

  • Reasonable rates that are pocket-friendly:
    As compared to hotels, service apartments in Saket, Delhi is very reasonable. Money isn’t almost everything, especially when you are out to a place away from home. Comfort level, safety, privacy and security that suit your lifestyle and preferences also play a major role in choosing for the best accommodation. And when you get access to all the facilities then why one won’t opt for it? 
  • Ample of Space:
    Imagine, when you book a hotel you are confined to a little space between the four walls. On the other hand, service apartments are spacious providing you more personal space and comforts. On hiring, any of the Service Apartments in Saket, you get complete access to personal space, separate bedrooms, adequate furniture, washroom, separate living and dining area, balconies, fully equipped kitchen, etc. In simpler words, apartments offer more privacy and safety as compared to any other accommodations.
  • Better amenities that fit your living standards:
    Service Apartments are termed to be the complete package of hotel and home like feel. They are something that functions as a hotel, is fully furnished and make you experience the feel of a home. Alike home, apartments are decorated with window drapes, bed-linen, toiletries and all the other that is a daily requirement.
  • A complete package of facilities:
    For more of the comfort, apartments also have access to fully equipped kitchen consisting of all the required appliances such as gas stove, microwave, refrigerator, water purifier, sandwich maker, electric kettle, etc. Service Apartments in Saket, New Delhi is a home away home. With the facilities like home and access to the kitchen, you can cook on your own, saving huge expenses on food from the restaurants. As a traveller, you would love the stay and have a wonderful experience.

This not just ends here, service apartments are safe and secure. For your safety and comfort apartments have 24-hour water supply and power backup facility, enough inside and outside lighting, parking, children’s park, access to local shops, etc. Service Apartments in Delhi is at a walkway distance to the metro stations and public transports. If we talk about medical tourists, then these apartments are also having close access to the famously known hospitals. So, staying in a service apartment would offer you a great experience.