Fully-Furnished Service Apartments for rent in Noida

No doubt, Delhi-NCR plays a crucial role in serving the Indian economy by providing employment opportunities to many. A lot of many industries, organizations are set up in metropolitan or the developed cities. It is almost clear that these organizations or companies would be conducting seminars, conferences, business meetings on both the national and international basis.


This simply means that various businesses corporate have to travel to Delhi or the nearby areas for business meetings and seminars and may demand proper accommodation. With the growth in the number of domestic and International travelers, the service apartments industry has shown a growth. Plus it has become the favorite option when it comes to long-term stays.

Service apartments are comfortable and are a mixture of hotel and home. Apart from being convenient, they provide a homely feel plus function as that of hotels. Apartments are meant for both short term and long term stays providing you more space, comfort and peace from the hustle bustle of the city.

Comparing to the hotels, they are the most fortunate place and are much better. You can enjoy your stay rather it is for a day or two, or for a week, months or a year. These service apartments in Noida give you much more space at most affordable rates without any hassle.

Here are some of the reasons why service apartments are the best option-

  • Space for all:
    This is one of the biggest benefits of staying in an apartment, as they come in all shapes and sizes. They may range from 1Bhk to 4Bhk. The separate living and dining area helps you enjoy more personal space. Service Apartments are typically bigger than hotels with comfortable seating, enough for everyone.
  • Privacy and security:
    It is stated that apartments provide peace of mind while functioning like a home. An apartment designed like a home offers your own space and privacy. Moreover, these fully-furnished apartments for rent in Noida are much secure providing you 24-hour security. Safety and security is the most important aspect when we travel to different town or city. But these apartments ensure your safety and comfort.
  • More space and storage:
    There may be chances when people may demand a longer stay for the number of months, so it is obvious that things would accumulate naturally over time, and having a bigger space helps you to store your items properly without creating any mess.
  • Cook on your own:
    Apartments are provided with fully equipped kitchen consisting of all the necessary appliances such as refrigerators, water purifier, gas stove, microwave, sufficient crockery, and utensils. Loaded with all the necessary equipment you get the chance to cook on your own, whatever and whenever you wish.
  • Transportation:
    Out in a different town? Not aware of the routes? So it is pretty much sure that you would be depending on public transports for your travel around the city. Service Apartments for rent in Noida is situated in the famously known areas and is at a walkway distance to the public transports.

Hence, Service Apartments are a complete package of your essentials. You just need to pack your bag and move in.


5 Benefits of Staying in a Service Apartment

For most people in search of the quality accommodation for their vacation or the outing, the first and only option that strikes the mind is the hotel. But what people left unnoticed is the better alternative to this. Yes, service apartments are the perfect alternative to the hotels; they work out cheaper and offer better amenities as that of hotels.

Hauz Khas Apartments Blog (10-02-2018)Service Apartments is basically an apartment i.e. fully furnished with all the basic necessities and offers the privacy and comforts of home. It functions like the hotel, with housekeeping staff that assists the apartment. Moreover, these service apartments in Hauz Khas can be booked for both short term and long term stays.

If you are thinking, what these service apartments will look like?  What will be facilities? Why is it better than hotels? To the answer to these running questions have a look at the below-stated points.

  • More Space: Staying in the same city for an extended period of time? You would be longing for a spacious stay. Service Apartments are quite spacious having separate living and dining area. You are not just restricted to a small bedroom; rather, you could enjoy your stay. People on a long business trip would be wishing to have their own space and comfort, so service apartment is a good go.
  • The convenient arrangement for family or group travel: One can find service apartment in Hauz Khas Delhi with several bedrooms and bathrooms equipped with all the essential toiletries. Apartments may range from 1Bhk to 4Bhk and work well for couples, families and group stays, as everyone can have their own privacy, space and can still hang out in the common living area.
  • Fully equipped kitchen: One of the best facilities offered by the service apartments is access to the fully furnished kitchen. The kitchen is comprised of all the essential appliances such as refrigerator, gas-stove, microwave, water purifier, sandwich maker, etc. with such facilities you can cook on your own whatever and whenever you wish. Tired was your day? Not in a mood to cook? You could ask the caretakers to do it for you.
  • Housekeeping: Another benefit of staying in service apartments is that you need not worry about the cleaning and changing of the bed sheets. Housekeeping is always up for your help. Moreover, with the facility of washing machine and dryer, you can wash your clothes on your own or just ask the housekeeping to do it for you.
  • City center locations: Apartments for rent in Hauz Khas Delhi are based in the city center location having close access to the major sight-seeing and business areas. Living in a service apartment? You are never far more than a 5-minute walk to local amenities such as shops and restaurants. Moreover, apartments are situated near to the famous hospitals. So, people coming for medical assistance found it comfortable to stay in one of the service apartments until the recovery.

What do you think? Aren’t they a good option to stay? Have you ever stayed in any of the apartment? If not, then on your next trip have this experience also.

What type of Service Apartments Woodpecker has and who needs them?

People on vacation and business travellers appreciate the uniqueness and the services offered by the service apartment because they are ones who will be going to stay in one of them. It hardly matters whether you are businessmen, or people on vacation alone or with family or friends you should not choose a place only for the purpose of stay or a bit of fun, however, a place that provides homely vibe should be considered. A service apartment offers such a feeling whether you are staying for a short period or a long period of time.

Crownlawn Point West

Woodpecker Service Apartments provide different types of apartments for different people. These apartments are designed specifically keeping in mind the people’s tastes and preferences. These apartments provide better quality services as that of the hotel and offer a home-like stay. You have to just move in with your luggage and experience the benefit and luxuries of a home. Service apartments are fully furnished and are provided with all the basic necessities that one would require.

For business travellers- Businessmen searching out for the place to stay landed at the right place. We offer different service apartments that are specially build up for the corporate visitors. For your comfort, apartments are situated in the famous business area such as South Delhi (Hauz Khas, Green Park, Saket), Noida, Gurugram, and are equipped with all the necessary facilities and requirements. Moreover, these are economical as compared to hotels.

For families or group of friends- We offer apartments in all shapes and sizes. For families, the Service Apartments in Delhi range from 1Bhk to 4Bhk. This classification of rooms states that one could have their own space and privacy. The common dining and living area help you to have a comfortable seating and enjoy some family time together. For the fun and recreational activities of the kids, apartments are located close to the children’s park. Moreover, with a good number of rooms, you can enjoy your personal space, which would be abound in the hotel room. Families feel comfortable as they get access to the fully equipped kitchen and get a chance to cook on their own or may take the help of housekeeping, as per their wish. These service apartments are safe and secure, provided with 24-hour security, proper locks and enough inside and outside lighting. Families in a vacation mode would love the stay as Woodpecker Service Apartments are situated near to the major sightseeing areas and have close access to the public transports.

For individuals and Medical Patients- Our apartments are best for the individuals who want to stay for a short or either a long period of time. If you are in the town for a business meeting or conference, you can choose any of the service apartments near to your business area and experience a wonderful stay. Our apartments are also best for the medical patients, as the apartments are situated close to the famous hospitals, and the patients who need to stay until recovery prefer staying in the service apartments. The reason is that the patient is provided with the homely environment which helps in the fast recovery.

So, choose any one of our service apartments according to your needs and let us do the rest.

Why Service Apartments are best for group of people or family members?

The capital of India, “Delhi” attracts the number of tourists every year. This city is surrounded by ample of historical monuments and attracts both national and international visitors. Generally, families, group of friends, couples, international tourist, visit this city and collect beautiful memories. This trip to another city, state, or country requires stay and people prefer to stay in service apartments in Delhi.

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The reason behind the stay is that service apartments are not only meant for extended stays but also for short term stay. These apartments are a mixture of hotel and home. Moreover, they provide a homely feel and functions that like a hotel. Apart from these, apartments can also be rented for weekly, monthly or yearly stays.

Having a perfect and sound accommodation would help you enjoy your trip and make wonderful memories. There are various reasons to opt for service apartments and some are described below-

  1. Recreation- Service Apartments take care of all your needs until your stay. You are guaranteed that all your household chores will be done, without having much burden on oneself. This help would let you have your own time and enjoy your work or trip. Moreover, for your entertainment, apartments are equipped with TV and unlimited wifi. You could also avail the facility of laundry. And for fun activity the children’s park is also nearby.
  2. Abundant Space- Apartments are termed to be spacious and comfortable and these sound best when you plan to stay indoors. Having access to the number of facilities and enough space you got to enjoy your own space, privacy, and comfort. Apart from the space factor, apartments also take care of your safety and security. Not in a mood to go out? Just lay back and enjoy the comfort and home-like environment and have a great time with your family and friends.
  3. Family Togetherness- Out with family? It is obvious you would require more space and a good number of bedrooms. Woodpecker Service Apartments in Delhi are spacious enough ranging from 2Bhk to 4Bhk. Having perfect accommodation and safety, tourists love to stay here and also recommend others. For your comfort and convenience, apartments have separate living and dine area. This way you could get more time to talk with your family members and plan out for your adventurous trip.
  4. Basic facilities- Service Apartments provides you with all the basic necessities and amenities. An adequate amount of furniture to serve a good amount of people, and fully equipped kitchen for your tummy needs. You could also find all the basic appliances such as geyser, Ac, room-heaters, refrigerator, washing machine, gas stove, microwave, kettle, sandwich maker, water purifier, etc. Apartments provide these daily needs appliances and also have close access to the public transport. Metro stations are at a walkway distance from the apartments.

Apart from all these facilities and tourist services and needs, apartments are also a good option to stay for medical tourists. Those who are out for medical help sometimes require a longer period of recovery and opt to stay in the nearby surrounding of the hospitals, for this reason, apartments for medical tourism in Delhi provides a comfortable stay to the patients and the family. Patients are extremely taken care of and are provided with the meals as prescribed by the doctors.

So, whenever in Delhi avail the benefits of such facilities by staying in the service apartments.

Why people book for Service Apartments in Hauz Khas?

Delhi, the capital of India is also termed as the heart of our country. This city welcomes the number of tourists and is a hub of employment opportunities. People keep on visiting new cities, states, or countries for many reasons. It can be in the form of a trip, business meeting, seminar, events, exhibitions, competitions and many more.


There comes a time when the traveller requires a proper stay for a good number of days, maybe a month or two. So during this extended period of stay, it is essential to make yourself feel secure and comfortable as much as possible. In order to provide the best accommodation to the traveller’s service apartment industry is on the rise. When we imagine or converse about the purpose of stay or proper accommodation, Service Apartments in Hauz Khas, Delhi sounds the great decision.

Service Apartments are the mix of hotel and housing, meant for both short term and long term stays. When it comes to privacy, safety, compatibility, security, and affordability then service apartments are the best match.

Ideal for families, group of friends, business travellers, or couples these service apartments for rent in Hauz Khas offers the convenience and comfort of a home and functions similar to that of a hotel. Apartments are designed in such a manner that they provide a homely feel and more space as compared to hotels. These are trending because of the convenience and facilities they provide. Various investors are also investing in the service apartments.

These service apartments may range from normal to luxuries. People running in a cost-effective mode can book for the budgeted service apartment in Hauz Khas. Various facilities offered by the apartments are- safety, security, 24-hour power backup and water supply, fully furnished kitchen, furniture, home comforts, bathrooms, personal space, privacy and much more. With the facility of the fully equipped kitchen, you can cook on your own whatever and whenever you wish. Apartments are spacious as they provide separate living and dine area, and can easily accommodate a good number of people.

The number of rooms also varies from apartment to apartment and location to location. For families or group stays 3bhk or 4bhk should be the choice. For the comfort and convenience of the visitors, apartments have close access to the public transports like metro stations.

Apartments for Medical Tourism in Hauz Khas are also in great demand as these apartments have close proximity to all the major hospitals. People travelling for medical treatment prefer staying in service apartments, if they may require staying for a couple of days until the recovery. Patients recover soon when they have a home-like atmosphere around them. Apartments assure proper care of the patients by providing them with the healthy meals and attendant for their help.

There are many reasons that prioritize apartments over hotels. People love staying here as they get comfort and vibe of a home. Apartments are huge residing areas providing the best hospitality and home-like feeling with the number of facilities. Moreover, apartments provide laundry service, parking facility and also have access to the nearby markets for your daily necessities.

With such facilities and amenities, service apartments are rising and highly demanded.

Service Apartments in Delhi for Business Corporate

Delhi-NCR plays an important part in the Indian economy by providing employment opportunities to many. A whole lot of business industries are set up in the metropolitan cities. And it is pretty obvious that these organizations would be having seminars, conferences or business meetings on a frequent basis.

This simply means that various businesses corporate have to travel to Delhi for business meetings and seminars and may need service apartments in Delhi for their stay.


Apartments are comfortable and function as that of the hotel providing a homely feel. These are termed as the convenient option for stay. Apartments are meant for both short term and long term stays providing you more space, comfort and peace from the hustle bustle of the city.

When seeking for the short-term service apartments in Delhi there are a number of important factors to be checked on. The factors shall include the minute details about the apartment from the number of bedrooms to the facilities they offer. Knowing the facilities and amenities well in advance would help you know the actual condition and location of the place you will be dwelling in and it also helps to enjoy your stay.

Also, in a city like Delhi, it is essential to check the proximity of the home from the area of the business meeting. This is important to rescue yourself from the traffic of the city. Imagine if the place of stay is far from your meeting area and by chance, if you stuck in the traffic then you may lose your time and it might ruin your mood, as the traffic of Delhi is unpredictable. So considering this as one of the issues Woodpecker Service Apartments have apartments in the well-known regions of Delhi. And it becomes easy for the business travellers to book the apartment which lies close to their business area.

The Service Apartments in Delhi has close access to the public transport and is situated near to the metro stations. These apartments are safe and secure as they provide 24-hour power backup and strict security facility. If the traveller is alone then he might be tensed about the security. But the apartments are safe enough fully furnished and equipped with all important gadgets that one may require. Being safe and secure apartments provide you a home-like environment, as they have the fully equipped kitchen, TVs, unlimited wifi, and all the basic needs that one may need of.

Location is an aspect that matters a lot to the people coming for business stays. As the business traveller may wish to stay in a place which is far from the crowd and noise of the city. For those who want their privacy and a peaceful environment apartments are the best option. But before booking an apartment know well about all the costs and expenses.

When you are well updated about the facilities and know all the factors and benefits of an apartment, then you must prefer staying there, as this would really turn out to be effective. And it is well said that a comfortable stay would always keep you in a positive mood and this way you could enjoy your trip to work.

7 Benefits of Service Apartments over Hotels

For the number of people searching for an accommodation for their vacation to the historical cities, the first and only option that strikes their mind is the hotel. But there is one of the best alternatives to it. This alternative: “service apartment” not only works out cheaper but has better amenities than hotels.


Service Apartments in Agra is basically a fully furnished apartment that offers security, privacy, and comforts of a home, but functions similarly as that of the hotel.

These service apartments are open for both short term and long term stays. Due to its online availability, it becomes easier to approach it and find the best as per your requirement.

For better understanding, read on the reasons below why apartments are a good option to stay:

  1. More Space- Better than hotels, apartments are spacious as they are provided with a separate living and dining area. If you are staying in the city for an extended period, then, this spacious factor is best for you. And who won’t love to have more space? If you are on a long business trip and just need to end your day with a homely feel than apartments are the best.
  2. Convenient for family or group stays- Out to a new city with a group of friends or family may require a number of rooms for the stay. But no worries, 3Bhk apartments for rent in Agra are here for your help. With the number of bedrooms and more space, you can enjoy your tour at its best.
  3. A Kitchen- The apartments are provided with the fully equipped kitchen. Rest is your wish, to cook on your own or to order from the restaurants. People running on dietary requirements need to cook their own meals. For their help, the kitchen is fully equipped with all the modern facilities like refrigerator, microwave, water purifier, toaster, gas, kettle, sufficient crockery, and utensils.
  4. Laundry services- Hotels can also help you do your laundry, but it might cost you pretty much expensive. Service Apartments will come with in-room washing machine and dryer, which simply means that you can do your laundry on your own very easily. Some apartments also provide free laundry services.
  5. Price- Service Apartments in Agra, Uttar Pradesh are much cheaper than that of a hotel. Providing you with all the basic amenities and facilities, apartments are in great trend as they are cost-effective. Plus cooking your own meals can also save you from hefty bills of the restaurants.
  6. Housekeeping- This is also one of the benefits of staying in an apartment. Housekeeping keeps a check on your needs. They help to change the bed-sheets and replace the wet towels and clean your surroundings. This help benefits you, as you need not spend your time doing all these chores.
  7. Security- The most important one is the security. Service Apartments in Agra is safe and secure. Apartments are surrounded by 24-hour security and privacy. 24-hour power backup and enough inside and outside lighting are all done at its best for your comfort and security.

Apartments are a good option for stays. They are not only cost-effective but also give you a great experience.